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Professional Education Centre

Why? Our main concern is the lack of participation of girls in education. Many girls have to leave school before they have completed their education, or worse, they did not have had any educational possibility. The most valid reasons being:

•Lack of finance to pay school fees

•Need to contribute to the family income

•No school or educational centre close to their village

Therefore, many girls are being sent by their parents to the capital Dakar, to find a job as a housekeeper or worse, they undertake difficult travels overseas.

These young girls are often exposed to the many dangers, such as violence and exploitation.

Diouma Senegal Foundation helped in finding a solution for this problem by building and equipping a professional education centre in Thiadiaye, 100 km south-east from Dakar, situated along the Route National 1 (between Mbour and Fatick).  The centre has been built on a 400 m2 plot of land donated by the mayor of Thiadiaye.

This education centre gives young people from 12 years onward, (especially girls) a chance to learn a profession to become dressmakers, cooks or hairdressers within 1 to 3 years, depending on the level of entry and the final level the young people wish to achieve.

In addition to subjects such as needlework and sewing, pattern cutting, cooking, serving, batik painting and hairstyling, other lessons are also included, such as mathematics, ICT and English. On top of this, also “life skills” will be implemented, with topics such as self-awareness, empathy, relationship skills, sexual education and communication.

Every year 50 students can start an education in our centre. After finishing the education, the students obtain a school certificate or state diploma, depending on their entrance level. This will open opportunities for employment and financial independency.


The project has been financed by many parties, with a substantial contribution from Dutch Government Organization (NCDO), several Rotary Clubs (Elsloo-Maaskant, Royan and Dakar) and many other donors (see our page 'our sponsors'). The director, the teachers and the educational program of the centre has been supplied by and paid for by the Senegalese government. (Ministry of Professional Education (MFPAA).  

On December 4, 2014 the courses of the education centre has been started. The official opening was on March 26, 2015.

School fees

The school fees are calculated by the ministry and are around EUR 80 per year per student. In order to also offer the less fortunate children the possibility to study, we would like to introduce a scholarship system. We are looking for sponsors. Do you want to help?

Summary of the goals of this project

With this centre, we provide young students (especially girls) with a professional tool to design their dream and covert them into a living by knowledge, inspiration and a worldwide network.

The students become role models for the younger generations, having a solid basis for their own future and that of their present and future families.

Diouma Senegal Foundation is committed to contribute to the development of Thiadiaye and its surroundings with the major goals:

• Encourage education of young people (girls in particular) in the area of Thiadiaye;

• Fight against rural exodus of young people (again girls in particular);

• Promote micro economy in the area of Thiadiaye.

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