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E-mail 11. okt, 2020

Jacqueline Winter

Evelyne, mooie website, chapeau

E-mail 5. dec, 2019

Aad Vijverberg

A special project showing the importance of vocational education, and self esteem for a happier new generation in Senegal!

E-mail Website 12. jul, 2017

Sophie Youngs

Uw website ziet er zo goed uit, uitstekend!

E-mail Website 31. mei, 2015


I like your website a lot, it looks very good and its easy to read the text.

E-mail Website 19. apr, 2015


Awesome work!

The direction to promote agricultural activities is very appropriate for purposes of sustainability and better nutrition.

E-mail 6. mrt, 2015


Indeed, Senegalese people sure know how to party, I witnessed that myself... Wow!

What about a fundraising party in

The Netherlands Evelyne, for good celebrations, and for a good Cause ofcourse ;)

E-mail 21. feb, 2015

Cheryl & Diodj Faye

The new site is great testimony to the wonderful work that the Diouma Foundation is doing in Senegal. See you on March 26!

E-mail 20. feb, 2015

Michela Padovani

Great job !

E-mail Website 20. feb, 2015

Sander Kleikers

Well done Evelyne. The website looks good!

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