Evelyne Kleikers - Founder and President

Vivian Otten - Education projects

Vivian Otten

Vivian Otten

“By supporting education and development projects we are committed to create opportunities for women in Senegal”.

Vivian joined the foundation in 2007. She brings in educational projects and international business knowledge. Her expertise is in the field of human resources and business management.

Michela Padovani - Innovation Projects

Michela Padovani

Michela Padovani

“We are committed to develop the women of tomorrow given an opportunity to choose their today” .

Michela joined the foundation in 2014. She brings in innovation projects and international network. Her expertise is in the field of chemistry and new business development.

Sander Kleikers - Project and Fundraising consultant

Sander Kleikers

Sander Kleikers

"Inspiring to see young women studying in our centre for their quest for a better future for them and their loved ones".

Sander recently joined the foundation. He brings in advice on the projects and fundraising and is our sparring partner. His expertise is in the field of journalism, debate and professional moderation.

Barbara Jeurissen - Board Secretary

Barbara Jeurissen

Barbara Jeurissen

“Many time the voices of women is just a wisher. We are committed to support these voices and to make them stronger”.

Barbara joined the foundation in 2006. She brings in organizational and legal knowledge. Her expertise is in the field of human resources and juridical and social affairs.

Carin van Veldhoven - Communication professional

Carin van Veldhoven

Carin van Veldhoven

“Education is the cornerstone of independency and an important building block in creating opportunities”.

Carin joined the foundation in 2011. She brings in communication and marketing knowledge. Her expertise is in the field of organization development and reputation management. 

Jean Baptiste Ndiaye and Marthe Thiao - The initiators

Together with Marthe Thiao and Jean Baptiste Ndiaye our first project (mill) has been born.

I stayed in their family during my first trip to Senegal, for 3 months. They have shown me the real Senegalese life and culture and took me with them to their native villages, where I have been touched by the hard life of mainly women. 

It was in 2005 where our dream of helping the position of the women started.

Seynabou Ndiaye Senghor - Director of the Education Centre Thiadiaye

Seynabou Ndiaye Senghor

Seynabou Ndiaye Senghor

“Development goes through education and that is why this centre matters”.

Seynabou is the director of the Education Centre. She has been appointed in September 2014. Her expertise is in the field of education,, in which she works since 15 years.

Hans J. Steinhart - Rotary Club Elsloo-Maaskant (former district governor)

Hans Steinhart

Hans Steinhart

"The only way to effective sustainability and awareness  is education".

Rotary Club Elsloo-Maaskant in the Netherlands, Rotary Club Royan in France and Rotary Club Dakar Almadies have a joint partnership to support the Education Centre Project in Thiadiaye.

Other important supporters of the foundation

The activities and projects are being realized with the support of:

Henk Huisman (in memory) - Jean-Marie Hermineaud (in memory) - Massimiliano Rigliaco (in memory) - Ron Huisman - Pierre Sene - Michiel Buiteman - Roger Otten - Marc Jacovitch - Jacqueline Winter - Hans Steinhart - Marian Ramakers - Els Ballast - Karly Lagarde - César Chantre - Adjid El Bahlaoui - Ghislain Gamavo - Marc Jacovitch - Cheryl Gregory Faye - Diodj Faye - Bassirou Mar - Ablaye Diop -  Aliou Sene - El Hadji Omar Youm - Michel Faye - All members and supporters are working on the project on a voluntary basis.

In Memory of Henk Huisman

Unexpected and with immense sadness we had to say  goodbye to Henk Huisman in June 2014. His passing away is a big loss for me, my family and the foundation.  

Henk was the treasurer and organizational advisor of the foundation. Due to his involvement, passion for the projects and support to get things realized since the very first project, I consider him as a cofounder of  the Diouma Senegal Foundation.

Dear Henk, an enormous 'merci' for all you've done and meant for the foundation and women in Senegal.

Henk Huisman

“Because of my curiosity and interest in the Senegalese people and their rich culture, I come closer to the people, who connect me again with other people. This leads to a continued growing network that helps to progress the project”.

Evelyne founded the foundation in 2005. She brings in knowledge of Senegalese culture and network in Senegal. Her expertise is in the field of PR, marketing, communication and relationship management.

In memory of Jean-Marie Hermineaud

Also with great sadness we had to say goodbye to Jean-Marie Hermineaud in August 2021. He was since the beginning involved in the building and equiping of the centre as a member of Rotary Club Royan. He had a great heart for Senegal and for our project and until his last days he was working to find funding and donors. Loosing Jean-Marie is an enormeous loss for humanity and for Senegal.

Merci beaucoup Jean-Marie pour ton amitié et ton grand aide pour Thiadiaye.

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